Each purchased package of Sessions as well as Single purchased sessions will be good for one of the following:

1 - 30 Minutes Private Shooting Session with Lori

1 - 45 Minutes Group Treadmill Training (3 Players maximum per 45 minute session)

1 - 60 Minutes Skating and Shooting (Saturdays Only - 30 minutes each station, 4 Players maximum)

1 - 30 Minutes Sense Arena Training

1 - 30 Minutes Private Hockey and/or Ringette Training on our New GLICE Synthetic Ice Rink (Skills & Drills)

1 - 30 Minutes Glice Ice Rental (3 Players Maximum on Ice)


Example, 10 Sessions Purchased can be used like the following,  2 - 45 Minute Group Sessions, 1 - 30 Minute Private Shooting Session, 2 Sense Arena Sessions, 2 - Skating and Shooting Sessions, 3 - 30 Minute Private On Ice Training Sessions​ 

We have a number of different pricing options for you to choose from for the above mentioned sessions.

Single Session                                       $35.00 + H.S.T.

Silver           10 Sessions                       $325.00 + H.S.T.

Gold             15 Sessions                       $450.00 + H.S.T.

Platinum     20 Sessions                      $575.00 + H.S.T.​​

Diamond     30 Sessions                      $775.00 + H.S.T.  

*Note: All of the above pricing is excluded from Private Treadmill Training and Private On Ice Training



30 Minute Private Skate Training!

All private Treadmill sessions with Head Instructor and Owner Larry Gabel will be 30 minutes in Length.  

Cost for each 30 Minute session is $40.00 + H.S.T.  An additional player can be added for $10.00 + H.S.T.

****Mondays starting September 14th we will have 30 minute Private Treadmill Training with Head Instructor Larry Gabel and 30 minute Sense Arena training.  Cost for this hour is $60.00 +HST


30 Minute Private On Ice Skills and Drills with Loren Gabel! (Sundays Only)

All private On Ice sessions with Loren Gabel will be 30 minutes in Length.  

Cost for each 30 Minute session is $60.00 + H.S.T.  An additional player can be added for $10.00 + H.S.T.


****Please Note: Purchased Package Sessions may not be used for Private Treadmill Training with Larry  or Private On Ice Skills with Loren.


NEW!!  Sense Arena: Virtual Reality Training

First Time Trial Demo Session Cost $20.00 including Tax

Diagnostic Testing is done after Trial Session.  What is Diagnostic Testing?

Baseline diagnostic testing is a Test utilizing the Sense Arena with a number of pre-defined drills which analyze players abilities and areas for development, creating a player benchmark from which a personalized training plan is created by the system to work on a players strength and weakness's based on this initial Diagnostic Test.

Players, only hockey gloves are required. 

Goalies, just yourself (for now), full gear from waist down including gloves and skates will soon be utilized.

All Sense Arena sessions are 30 minutes in length.

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