At G & G Skate Training Centre our training techniques are second to none.  Both Treadmill and Shooting Lane offer players the ability to improve their game. 

Treadmill Training

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All of our Treadmill Sessions are 45 minutes in length (private sessions are 30)

Every player has direct instruction from an instructor standing 6 feet away.  While skating the players can see themselves in the mirror which aids in their training to understand the proper mechanics of the stride.  Video analysis can also be used as a training tool to aid in the players understanding of their stride.

All of our instructors are either current or former students and have all gone through rigorous training.  Training Statistics are kept on every single player so they can see the progress they are making.  Numbers don't lie.


Shooting Training


Our shooting lane can help anyone with there shot velocity, reaction and accuracy.  Each round, 16 pucks are passed out to the players at a pre-determined speed and interval time.  Players receive passes and shoot at targets that are lit up at the net.  This aids in hand eye coordination for the player which also helps in shot accuracy and release.  Practice makes perfect and what better way than to shoot with your skates on the same way you would in a game.

Our state of the Art (GLICE) Synthetic Ice rink is now available for one on one bookings.
All bookings are 30  minutes in length.  Please see the pricing page for cost.

Our skating and shooting program gives the players the best of both options.  30 minutes of skating and 30 minutes of shooting, both with instruction.  

Sense Arena - Please click HERE for more information on this state of the are training system.

We have private treadmill training with Larry ($40 +HST) for 30 minutes and also private Shooting Instruction with Lori.  

All of the above training sessions are booked online and can be booked up to 30 days in advance.