Skate Sharpening Services

Regular Sharpening         $6.00

10 Pack of Sharpenings  $50.00

New Pricing Starting May 1, 2022

Regular Sharpening        $8.00

10 Pack of Sharpenings  $60.00

Z-Channel Deep Grove   $20.00

Zuperior Profiling            $25.00  (Quad 0 or Quad 1)

We also replace Skate Blades with either Step Steel or BladeTech and do repairs to skate rivets on holders.

Sharpening Hours


September - March   


Monday             4:00 - 7:30           

Tuesday            4:00 - 7:30

Wednesday       4:00 - 7:30

Thursday           4:00 - 7:30

Friday                Closed 

Saturday           10:00 - 1:00

Sunday              Closed



May - August


Monday               Closed    

Tuesday              Closed   

Wednesday         4:00 - 7:00  

Thursday             Closed  

Friday                  Closed        

Saturday             10:00 - 1:00      

Sunday                Closed


During summer months on the Closed days, skates can be left one day and picked up the next.       

Prosharp Benefits

Skating is the most important factor for improving overall skills in any Ice Skating Sport.  The potential of skate sharpening has been widely overlooked. By eliminating sharpening errors, players can make significant progress in their skating performance. 

We use the ProSharp skate sharpening system. With the new emphasis on speed, agility and skills, The Pure Edge gives you perfectly sharpened skates - a key tool to help you compete and succeed.
With this skate sharpening technology it allows The Pure Edge to profile and sharpen your skates so you can maximize control, acceleration and speed.


* More Powerful Strides and better Glide

* Higher Speed, Less Fatique, and improved 2-way play

* Better Edge Control and Balance

* More Flexible Skating Maneuvers and Moves

* Improved Shooting

* Better Crossover Skating


Background of the Problems

In minor league hockey, parents search from pro-shop to pro-shop trying to find the perfect sharpener. Pro teams suffer from that coaches and equipment managers often not having time to implement a strategy for all aspects of skating, particularly skate sharpening. Many players, even Pro and AAA teams, use overworked blades or ”banana blades” at the cost of speed. ​New blades have an approximate 6-11 foot radius rocker profile depending on the skate model and size. This correlates to 38-52mm of blade to ice contact, which is not enough in the new NHL, where the most important asset is speed. ​Another limit is that the factory profile is intended to suit all players. Generally a factory profile works okay, but why not try a custom fit to achieve optimal advantage? In the same way a hockey player chooses their stick, they should also be able to try out skate blades. When children start skating at 4-6 years of age, the factory profile of 26-32 mm of blade to ice contact is too short. The young player’s balance and agility is developing, and therefore it is difficult to learn to skate well. You can see that their effort is spent on trying to stand up instead of developing a good skating posture and stride. Contouring of a radius rocker of 12-13 ft, which gives more blade contact, 54-56 mm to the ice, will make “learn to skate” more effective and fun.