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The Sense Arena Training

Sense Arena is an off-ice training platform that improves players' Read & React cognitive capabilities, which are critical for peak performance. The SenseArena-technology and methodology are developed in cooperation with professional NHL players and coaches.


We train "hockey sense" and "hockey skills".   

With more then 80 drills and a dozen training plans that focus on development of:


  • Speed of reaction in hockey – with the focus on scoring (rebound, deflection, tipping, shooting one-timers), passing (passing agility drills)

  • Decision making – team-play drills forcing fast decisions under various conditions

  • Time movement anticipation – training of break-out passes, dynamic passing situations

  • Hockey intelligence – reading open lanes, keep away, power-play situations

  • Multitasking – focus on distribution of the brain power – decision making in parallel agility activities


For Goalies

  • Interactive drills in Sense Arena's environment will help improve reaction time, play tracking, puck tracking and active hands. Measurable results help in the goalie skills development process.

  • Watch interactive videos from real training sessions of top hockey organizations. Experience the speed and skills of higher age players. Develop your release reading.

  • Develop you cognitive skills and concentration.

Sense Arena Pricing:

See the Pricing Tab for costs associated with the Sense Arena

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