The Sense Arena Training

Sense Arena is an off-ice training platform that improves players' Read & React cognitive capabilities, which are critical for peak performance. The SenseArena-technology and methodology are developed in cooperation with professional NHL players and coaches.


We train "hockey sense" and "hockey skills".   

With more then 80 drills and a dozen training plans that focus on development of:


  • Speed of reaction in hockey – with the focus on scoring (rebound, deflection, tipping, shooting one-timers), passing (passing agility drills)

  • Decision making – team-play drills forcing fast decisions under various conditions

  • Time movement anticipation – training of break-out passes, dynamic passing situations

  • Hockey intelligence – reading open lanes, keep away, power-play situations

  • Multitasking – focus on distribution of the brain power – decision making in parallel agility activities

For Goalies

  • Interactive drills in Sense Arena's environment will help improve reaction time, play tracking, puck tracking and active hands. Measurable results help in the goalie skills development process.

  • Watch interactive videos from real training sessions of top hockey organizations. Experience the speed and skills of higher age players. Develop your release reading.

  • Develop you cognitive skills and concentration.

Sense Arena Pricing:

Trial Session (First Time)                    $20.00 HST Included.  (Players and Goalies)

Diagnostic Testing is done after Trial Session.  What is Diagnostic Testing?

Baseline diagnostic testing (for Players after Trial) is a Test utilizing the Sense Arena with a number of pre-defined drills which analyze players abilities and areas for development, creating a player benchmark from which a personalized training plan is created by the system to work on a players strength and weakness's based on this initial Diagnostic Test.

Diagnostic Session (After First Time Trial)                  $40.00 + HST

Single Session (After Diagnostic)                                  $35.00 + HST

5 Session Package                                                           $165.00 + HST

10 Session Package.                                                        $300.00 + HST

Any of the above Session Packages Purchased, will include the Diagnostic Testing

Players, only hockey gloves are required. 

Goalies, just yourself (for now), full gear from waist down including gloves and skates will soon be utilized.

All Sense Arena Sessions are 30 minutes in length.

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