Covid-19 Guidlines

What does this mean?

Upon entering and leaving, please use the automatic door opener with either the butt end of your stick or your elbow.  Less touches on door handles will help.  Hand sanitizer (80%) must be used when entering the building.  Hand sanitizer is in two green spray bottles straight ahead when entering.  Once hands are sanitized by all, players are to pick a seat against the wall, (providing no shoes are under the chair) and take shoes off to put skates on.  Please leave shoes under the chair so no one will take that spot while you are training.  There are 6 chairs that are set up, 3 on either side and are spaced out accordingly.  Parent to tie skates only (if needed) and must leave after this is done.  Absolutely no parents inside the premises unless to tie skates then must leave.  Please only arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled time.  If you are early please wait in the car.  If players are able to tie skates then no parent in building.  Player(s) to remain in seat until instructor comes to get him/her/them (siblings) for session.  


All players will only need to wear track pants, instead of full gear from the waist down, and bring skates, gloves and stick. Neck guard as well. However equipment from the waist down can be worn, must come dressed as no change rooms will be available.


Players with long hair must have hair tied back in order for players not to be touching there face.


Players must always be wearing their hockey gloves at all times when on the treadmill.  Hand sanitizer will be available at any time in the treadmill area for all to use.


All sessions must be paid for in advance of the session.  All payments will now be done via E-Transfer.    



What we will be doing here on our end.


All harnesses will be sanitized after each use, with sanitizer made by Dixons in Guelph.  This is a 80% solution which will kill any germs and virus’s.  All equipment will be sprayed before, during and after each session.  With having 2 treadmills we will be able to alternate treadmills as well for now.  The Instructor will be wearing a mask covering his/her mouth and nose at all times.  Instructor will be sanitizing their hands continuously throughout each session.  When Instructor comes to get player(s) from lobby they will be sanitizing the chairs  and entrance door handle in the lobby at this time.  

If your child is feeling sick or coughing or has a fever, please do not come in.  

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